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College of Medicine University of Baghdad - in Iraq

The Baghdad College of medicine was established in 1927 through the efforts of many Iraqi doctors such as Sami Shawket, Hashim Al-witri and Saib Showket headed by the college 1'st. dean Sir Harry Sinderson

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كلية الطب , جامعة النهرين - in Iraq

تعتبر كلية الطب أحد أهم مؤسسات الجامعة لكونها مركز تعليمي يستقطب مجموعة من الطلبة المتميزين بالقابليات الذهنية والقدرة على استيعاب مختلف العلوم اللازمة لإعداد الطبيب الكفء المتفاني في خدمة المجتمع ضمن اختصاصه. أسست الكلية في عام 1987، ثم أصبحت نواة لتأسيس الجامعة ككل عمل فيها عدد غفير من كبار أساتذة الطب في العراق وأساتذة آخرين متخصصين في مختلف مجالات التعليم الطبي

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Al Mustansiriya University - in Iraq

Al Mustansiriyah school which built by Al Mustansir Billah in Baghdad , it was First university in middle ages not only in Baghdad , but in Islamic country and the world .it was opened 5th of may ? Rijiab in 1234-631

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University of Mosul - in Iraq

Mosul Medical College of University of Mosul is proud to be the second oldest medical college in Iraq. It was established in July 1959 and right then began its programs and 1st academic year that consisted of 30 medical students enrolled in September of the same year. During the academic year (1959-1960) the College was managed by the Ministry of Health, and then it was incorporated in Baghdad University and remained so until the 1st of April 1967 when it was affiliated to and became one of the founding Colleges of Mosul University. Since then the College experienced an impressive growth in all areas of academia, community activities, health services and international collaborations. The college is built on a 12500 square meters land which is located at the northern part of Mosul city on right wing of Tigris River near major teaching hospitals. The academic year starts in September till the end of June to be followed by summer holiday for two months. There is another 14 days holiday (spring holiday) after a mid-year examination in January. The education in the college is free and the college is funded by central government and ministry of high education and scientific research

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College of Medicine , University of Basrah - in Iraq

تهدف كلية الطب إلى التعليم والبحث والخدمات الصحية، وتطمح الكلية إلى أن تلبي احتياجات المجتمع من خلال برامجها التدريبية للعاملين في المجال الصحي والعلوم الطبية،وهذا يتحقق من خلال البحوث الطبية المهمة. إضافة إلى ذلك فأن الكلية تساهم في الخدمات الصحية عالية الجودة أن هذه الأهداف تتحقق من خلال التعاون الوثيق بين كل من جامعة البصرة، دائرة صحة محافظة البصرة، أضافه إلى مؤسسات صحية وبحثية مختلفة

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Medicine College , Babylon University - in Iraq

Our College aims to achieve the needed Quantitative changes in the education and scientific means, as related to the environmental time function. This may be achieved through a legal follow-up and closed loop monitoring system of the education process of undergraduate and postgraduate students, supported by a pattern of continuous research and developments. The objective remains within closing the gap between our society, of the developing world, and that of the developed nations; and this may represent a learning output of peaceful and prosperous society

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Kufa College of Medicine - in Iraq

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Hawler Medical University - in Iraq

Hawler Medical University (HMU) is located in the city of Erbil (Hawler) in Iraqi Kurdistan Region. HMU has been established by the Council of Ministers of the Iraqi Kurdistan Regional Government in July 2005 and endorsed by the Council of Ministers of Iraqi Federal Government in March 2006. The university has been established to include in itself the four colleges that were belonging to Salahaddin University in Erbil. The colleges are: College of Medicine, College of Dentistry, College of Pharmacy and College of Nursing.

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