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Sleeping disorder may seem to be a mild problem, but it is one of the problems, which may lead to severe health issues. Problems like loss of concentration, irritation, depression, frequent illness, and accidents may arise due to poor sleeping habits.

Problem lies in the quality of our sleep. We go to bed early to sleep with an intention of enjoying a sound sleep. Some sleep well; some does not. Difficulty in sleeping may be a result of several reasons including tension, workaholism, improper diet, health issues, etc. All this leads to a severe sleep disorder, especially insomnia. Even the medicines prescribed by the doctors do not help. Instead, they lead to side effects. Well, the best way of ensuring good sleep without any medicine, without any side effects is to use natural sleep remedies. The herbal supplements provide quick relief without producing any side effect. Let us go through some herbal supplements commonly used for sleep disorder.

One of the most effective supplements, it promotes sleep without causing any side effects

Hops is a herb, which produces effective results, if used in combination with valerian roots. It produces the same effects as benzodiazepine.

Passion Flower
Keeping passion flower beneath or beside your bed will help you a lot in staying away from insomnia.

Salvia Tea
Sipping salvia tea before going to bed ensures sound sleep

German Chamomile
Generally used with tea, it is good in withstanding insomnia. It also reduces stomach irritation

Cumin Seeds
You can make a paste of cumin seeds and mashed banana and eat it after dinner. People mostly prefer this, as it is very delicious.

The aroma of lavender produces soothing effect on mind. You can apply a small amount of lavender oil under the pillow to get sound sleep.

Long Pepper
You must eat long pepper (in powdered form) along with jaggery, and then drink a glass of warm milk. This helps you to sleep well.

You can easily find these supplements in the market in powder or capsule form. These supplements are not at all addictive and produce positive and quick results. Use them and see the difference yourself.

Ember is a medical practitioner in Houston, Texas. She is an advocate of using natural remedies to heal one's health problems. Sleeping disorders are such a health condition which can be usually cured with the help of natural aids. To know some other natural methods of conquering sleep related problems visit sleepaidnatural.com

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Sunday, July 15, 2012

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