Nervous System -- Basic

The brain and spinal cord comprise your central nervous system. The network of nerves that connect at different levels of the spinal cord control both conscious and unconscious activities. It is through the spinal cord that information flows from these nerves to the brain and back again.

showing:"peripheral nervous system"
1. brain
2. cerebellum
3. spinal cord
4. brachial plexus
5. intercostal nerves
6. subcostal nerves
7. lumbar plexus of nerves
8. sacral plexus of nerves
9. musculocutaneous nerve
10. radial nerve
11. median nerve
12. iliohypogastric nerve
13. genitofemoral nerve
14. femoral nerve
15. pudendal nerve
16. obturator nerve
17. ulnar nerve
18. sciatic nerve
19. muscular branches of femoral nerve
20. saphenous nerve
21. tibial nerve
22. common peroneal nerve
23. deep peroneal nerve
24. superficial peroneal nerve

Source: AMAs Current Procedural Terminology, Revised 1998 Edition. CPT is a trademark of the American Medical Association.

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