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   Although it is common knowledge that fertility, in both men and women, begins to drop off in ones late twenties many couples do not begin trying to get pregnant until their late twenties or early thirties. This is no surprise considering our present day recession so, here are some fertility tips for women, and some for men as well who are in their later years and trying to conceive.

   Couples, who have been trying to conceive, find themselves having to deal with stress when conception does not happen immediately or within a few months. This one thing, stress has more of an effect on fertility than most realize. Everyone deals with stress at one time or another so think about how that stress affected your body, headaches, insomnia, constipation or diarrhea. Stress affects all the organs in the body, and this includes the reproductive system.

   Tip 1: Do not get stressed out if you do not get pregnant immediately, for those over the age of thirty it can take as long as a year before getting pregnant. The best thing you can do is have sex quite frequently and make it fun as if you are still on your honeymoon.

   Tip 2: "Get Healthy" and not just healthy but as healthy as possible for your age. This also includes getting your weight where it belongs, if you are overweight, lose weight, if you are underweight, gain weight. Getting your weight where it belongs is very important, in that being over or under weight adversely affects the reproductive system.

   Tip 3: This kind of goes with tip two; eat healthily. Eating healthy foods and avoiding foods that have no nutritional value such as, fast foods and processed food, can help increase fertility. By eating healthy foods that supply the body with the nutrition it requires, the body and all its organs, including the reproductive system will function more normally thus, increasing fertility.

   Tip 4: Exercise to not only kick-start your fertility but also to get the body in shape. A body that is in top physical condition will enable the body and all its organs to once again, function more normally. An added benefit of having your body in top shape is that it will make labor and delivery easier on you, if you are planning natural childbirth.

   Tip 5: Your lifestyle may need to be changed, especially if you drink alcoholic beverages (more than three a day) or smoke. You will need to quit both, and this goes for men as well. Avoid beverages high in caffeine, as caffeine affects the reproductive system. Also, avoid places where chemicals, radiation, or toxins are present, all can affect fertility.

   These five fertility tips for women can also be applied to men as most of the above tips also affect mens reproductive systems, and reduces mens sperm count as well as the quality of the sperm. Whether you have started trying to conceive or not these tips can help you reach your goal. If after six months you still have not gotten pregnant, then consider seeing a fertility specialist to make sure there are no infertility issues.

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