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How not to lose your magic tooth

Your tooth is alive and surprisingly it can defend itself .Itís not a lifeless hard substance.
Which if broken, you will lose it.Teeth have their own immune system. As we
All know tooth is made of enamel (hard part) dentin (softer) pulp (nerve and blood).
Interestingly however there are dentinal tubes which have a fluid streaming in them Whenever you put a piece of ice, temperature decrease and changes in flow Of this fluid stimulate your tooth nerve. The very same fluid can protect
your tooth .

General health condition:
Not only caries and external factors but internal factors like disease, weak immune system and diabetes can harm your teeth.
Lactation some Infections ,HIV ,Diabetes, gum disease are all important factors.
Among all that your tooth is smart enough to fight back only if you give it thing which it needs to win.
If you have a general health condition or internal infection you might see your dentist first. Assume that you are in good health condition use these tips.

What to eat and how:

There are so many sources that tell you try to eliminate sugar from your diet. That is good but practically how many of us are capable of doing that? Itís perfect if you can. If not try to avoid somethingís which Iím about to telling you.
Sugar itself doesnít cause decay .It is really delicious food for streptococcus bacteria .When this bacteria feeds on it , excrete acids that eat away your tooth enamel .
Interestingly the amount of sugar which you consume doesnít matter as much as the amount of time itís allowed to remain in contact with plaque on your teeth (where bacteria hang out) .So go ahead and eat that chocolate caramel but brush your teeth afterwards. One more thing is that fluid which flow in dentinal tubules help tooth protect itself Itís activated when we are eating main food .If you only eat a bar of chocolate or candy it is not stimulated. Try to eat sugary product after eating main course or while you are eating food.
Soda and fruit juice :

You are thinking now that ok I will drink coke zero. I use artificial sweeteners. You are right bacteria canít feed on artificial sweeteners But phosphoric acid ,citric acid in soda pop and soft drinks in these drink will demineralize your enamel so easy .Wears down the most important defense line of your tooth enamel. Each sip is brand new enemy for the enamel.
The problems with these drinks are two folds .first each sip will wears down your enamel. Second is the amount of time you keep it in your mouth .If you drink these donít hold it in your mouth for long time.
Congratulation you wear down your enamel not to make it worse .Donít brush your teeth after drinking soda ,pop, coke You will remove more enamel from your tooth .You can wash your mouth with water or try to drink some water and hold in your mouth to keep the pH(2-3) from acidic to water neutral pH( 7).You can sip abit of soy milk pH(7)hold it for a while or Milk pH(6.8).Donít drink a lot. It may give you some stomach upset.
Use a straw it helps to decrease the contact of drink with tooth.

Here is for the coffee lovers and energy drink which contains caffeine.
The Australian Dental Association has warned that caffeine interferes with natural saliva production, causing a dry mouth, which can lead to tooth decay .Your saliva helps your tooth to reminerlaized(hardens) itself in the presence of ions like calcium and magnesium. Here is the tip. Try to drink a glass of water along with your coffee and drink enough amount of water during the day. "The water will replenish the fluid that is drawn out of the body by the caffeine," Dr Wilson said.
Next time you hit the coffee bar try to limit the intake of coffee for the sake of your teeth and donít forget to drink water.
As you know drinking coffee can stain your teeth darker if you donít brush.
There is no question that smoking causes the discoloration and yellowish staining of both the teeth and the tongue. Tooth decay can be exacerbated by smoking because of the imbalance of pH levels in the mouth from increased acidic conditions. Smoking is more likely to lead to tooth loss because of gingivitis and periodontal disease.
In the smokers saliva production decreased as well .Saliva helps tooth to remineralizing itself.
Quit smoking, If you canít reduce it to half of your usage .It still helps, Keep drinking water. Be aware oral cancers and the side effect that you can give to the people surrounding you as they are exposed to it .Chewing tobacco is highly acidic .Avoid chewing tobacco (smokeless tobacco) .It increases dental caries more than smoking kind.
Not itself cause decay but sugar which is added to some and in case of wine acid and sugar. Since you donít want a damper in a party ,eliminating alcoholic drink from it. Use these tips to decrease the damages to your teeth. Drink plenty of water and brush your teeth afterwards


Eat high-carbohydrate foods as part of a meal, rather than as a snack. This will help minimize the impact of the sugars on your teeth.
ē Avoiding sticky foods, such as toffee or dried fruit, will also help. These types of sugary foods stick to the teeth, making it hard for saliva or water to wash them away.

Golden key which help your teeth
Saliva is the secret to fight back tooth decay and avoid bad breath. Drink water
Dairy foods are good to battle against acidic foods and mainly drinks.
Brushing teeth after eating sugary product .Do not brush after drinking acidic drink. Oral hygiene is an important factor.
Slow-dissolving foods like sticky candy which is hard to wash out with water. Dried fruits should be avoided.
Eating apple, carrot helps keeping teeth healthy.

(I hope You liked it as much as you like your teeth)

Horri Elena

Article By: Horri Elena

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