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One of the most important,celebrated journeys in life occurs with parenthood.Infertility is not a new problem experienced only by modern women. Women in all times have had trouble conceiving,and one way in which they were able to start a family was through the assistance of a surrogate mother.

These "old-fashioned" surrogate motherhood instances were most likely rarely (if ever) spoken about,and not documented.

First Test Tube baby was born On July 25, 1978.While this was not a surrogate motherhood arrangement, this historic event paved the way towards gestational surrogacy in the future.

The year 1980 registered the first case of Paid Traditional Surrogacy Arrangement.In the history of surrogacy first case was documented where surrogate mother gave birth to a son by surrogacy arrangement that was compensated for the successful delivery of the baby.

In the year 1983 a women with the menopausal problem gave birth to a baby using donated eggs(egg donation).Through again, not a surrogate pregnancy,this remarkable event made gestational surrogacy possible.

The monumental moment in the history of surrogacy took place in the year 1985 when the first gestational surrogate pregnancy took place.The surrogate carried the biological child of a woman who had had a hysterectomy,but had retained her ovaries.

Surrogate motherhood has come a long way in the history of surrogacy.From rarely spoken of traditional surrogacies of centuries past,to family members acting as surrogate carriers and commercial surrogacy of today,the road has been long,and many miracles and hardships have been faced along the way.It will be interesting to see what will happen to the history of surrogacy in the next 20,50 or 100 years.

The journey of surrogacy has seen many ups and down throughout the world.Many a times surrogate mother refuses to part with the baby or intended parents refuses to take the custody and then there is a long legal process involved.In the cases of overseas surrogacy many a times couple faces the problem of taking their child born through surrogacy contracts to their countries.The main hurdle faced by the intended parents or the infertile couple is the selection of surrogate mother,right surrogacy clinic and the surrogacy cost.Surrogacy procedure in the industrialized countries of the West is very costly as compared to the cost involved in the surrogacy process in the country like India.

The overall view of Surrogacy in India,surrogacy center India, surrogacy contract India and the surrogacy documents India:

Surrogacy Clinics India facilitates low cost Gestational Surrogacy in India. India’s first surrogate baby was delivered on June 23rd, 1994.The Indian surrogacy journey actually began in 2002, when the Supreme Court,the apex court of the country,recognized commercial surrogacy in India as legal.In India the law states that a surrogate mother’s name is not to appear on the birth certificate and that she has no right to keep the child.Under guidelines issued by the Indian Council of Medical Research, surrogate mothers sign away their rights to any children.A surrogate’s name is not even on the birth certificate.The new surrogacy laws in India give utmost importance to the privacy of the couple which wishes to have a surrogate baby in India.As of now,there are no laws in India restricting a gay couple from coming to India and hiring a surrogate mother to have a baby.

Surrogacy clinics in India offer infertile couples, single parents and homosexuals an opportunity to experience the joy of parenthood. Many people who have failed having their own children are heading out to India for surrogacy primarily because of the low cost of surrogacy treatment,quality medical care and the sympathetic legal views on surrogacy in India.

Lower prices in India make surrogacy affordable by middle class Americans.Also, in the light of sky rocketing healthcare costs in the US and the UK, there is a need to look for affordable IVF treatments in India and surrogacy in India and a host of other countries that have positioned themselves as top value-for-money healthcare destinations.

IVF clinics in India and surrogacy clinics in India have no waiting list,for Australian,American, British, French, Japanese, and Israeli surrogacy tourists.

Cheaper prices, advanced medical care and availability of surrogate mothers and egg donors in India make it a popular destination for IVF treatment and other related surrogacy services for medical tourists.

The availability of the cheap IVF treatment cost in India brings a ray of hope to numerous infertile couples who are unable to avail fertility treatments in their home countries because of the high costs involved.Gestational surrogacy in India is one of the most in-demand services by international tourists.In India, gestational surrogacy cost is a slow as 50% (or even lesser) as compared to the usual costs in North America and most European countries.Compensation for egg donation in India falls easy on the pocket.Indian women is considered as the most affordable egg donors.Egg donors of other ethnicities can also be arranged in India, should a patient want a Caucasian or some other race as the donor. For such requirements, many surrogacy clinics have arrangements with International sperm and egg banks.

The surgeries here are performed by world-renowned surrogacy experts.Surrogacy Clinics in India boast of high-tech equipment that ensures accurate test results and quality healthcare for the surrogate mother and the baby.Doctors in India are highly skilled and hard working and many are members of a number of national and International medical associations such as the Association of Gynecologic Oncologists of India.

Surrogacy clinics in India have stringent criteria for selecting a surrogate mother. Only healthy women between the ages of 21-35 years are considered as surrogate mothers in India.The detailed medical history,surgical history, personal history, and family history of the prospective carrier is looked into.Surrogacy laws in India necessitate a detailed financial and legal surrogacy contract between the surrogate and the commissioning couple to ensure the entire procedure goes as smoothly as possible.The clinics help out with providing the documents necessary for the intended parents to bring the baby back to their home country.The medical staff is usually comfortable with English as it is widely spoken throughout the country.

Surrogacy agencies in India also facilitate the entire medical trip of the intended parents by taking care of things right from airport pick up to the surgery and post operative care.

Surrogacy Clinics facilitates low cost Gestational Surrogacy in India. Surrogacy clinics and doctors in India have been helping many childless couples, single people, and gay couples to have the chance of becoming parents. The demand for gestational surrogacy in India is rising as more and more people from different parts of the world travel here, hoping to get new additions in their family.

Surrogacy Clinics can help prospective parents get in touch with the leading surrogacy clinics in India and also answer their queries.

It is said that the gift of life is the most precious one. Reputable surrogacy clinics in India with their healthy Indian surrogates and state-of-the-art facilities beckon intended parents to embark on the journey to experience the happiness of a seraphic baby.

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