Nerves of the Neck

this image shows the nerves related to the posterior triangle of the neck

1. occipitalis muscle
2. great occipital nerve
3. small occipital nerve
4. splenius capitis muscle
5. levator anguli scapulae muscle
6. great auricular nerve
7. spinal accessory nerve
8. scalenus medius muscle
9. supra-acromial nerve
10. trapezius
11. scalenus anterior muscle
12. posterior belly of omo-hyoid muscle
13. subclavian artery
14. supraclavicular nerve
15. suprasternal nerve
16. superfasial cervical nerve
17. sterno-cleio-mastoid muscle
18. ant. belly of omo-hyoid muscle
19. sternohyoid muscle
20. ant. belly of digastric muscle
21. levator menti muscle
22. depressor anguli oris muscle
23. depressor labii inferioris muscle
24. orbicularis oris muscle
25. masseter muscle
26. zygomatic major muscle
27. zygomatic minor muscle
28. levator labii superioris muscle
29. frontalis muscle

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Laura Li1/8/2013

Perfect if color coded and Interactive.

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