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When we talk about neurosurgery, we are talking about some of the most vital parts of body – Brain, spinal column, spinal cord, nervous system, peripheral nerves and extra-cranial cerebrovascular system. Neurosurgery can be precisely defined as the diagnosis, prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of disorders related to these sensitive parts. Neurosurgery is a very delicate surgery and highly specialized surgeons are required to perform it successfully.
It’s quite obvious that neurosurgeon is the doctor who specializes in dealing with nervous system and surrounding structures. For any neurosurgeon, it is his main objective to make sure that there is continuous blood flow and supply of oxygen in the brain. This automatically enhances the probability of surviving by inhibiting the damage.
Before any neurosurgery, doctor studies and analyse the case history of the patient. Cases are unique in their own ways and as it is associated with a critical part like brain, caution is must. Hence data is gathered about patient and reports are prepared before proceeding for surgery.

India in recent times has witnessed a boom in the medical sector and neurosurgery has not been untouched by this advancement. India has been a most sought out destination for neurosurgery now; but how this miracle has occurred? At first place it has been possible by the consequence of combined effect of a number of factors. At first place, it is by the virtue of some finest Neurosurgeons in India. India is the abode of some of the most skilled and qualified neurosurgeons, who have been renowned for their expertise in neurosurgery.

Neurosurgery has come along a long way and has developed with advancing technologies. It usually deals with Head injuries, Spinal cord injuries, Brain tumours, Spine surgeries (Traumatic and infective), Neuro vascular surgeries, (Aneurysm and Avm), Skull base surgery, Polyneuropathy and Movement disorders, Stroke disorders. In India, not only conventional methods of surgeries are widely available but it also offers you advanced techniques like minimal invasive surgeries which are far more effective than the conventional ones. Under this sophisticated technique which has lesser recovery time and is least painful, available surgeries are - Microscopic discectomy - minimal invasive., Stereostatic Biopsy, Endoscopic Surgery, Neuro Navigation Surgery.

Neurosurgery has been a scary thing to undergo and mortality rates were high in past. However, with the invention and development of bipolar cautery, use of surgical miscroscope and availability of the ultrasonic surgical as pirator have all been important to deal with neurosurgery more efficiently. Apart from that, encroachment in neuro-anaesthesia, neuro-surgical intensive care and neuro imaging technologies are worthy enough to be credited for the same.

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