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Ladikens international

- Punjab - Pakistan

We are Manufacturers and Exporters of high quality Surgical, Dental instruments and Scissors. We give you free of Rust all kind of products with J1, J2 metal with high quality instruments.

Category: Medical Instruments

Suction tubes, Probes & Directors manufacturers - Rahi Brothers

- Punjab - Pakistan

We are manufacturers of excellent Suction tubes, Probes, Directors, Sounds, Hemorrhoid Suction Ligature, Anoscopes and Dilators. We also offer all kinds of Retractors also.

Category: Medical Instruments

(صيانة اجهزة طبية(اجهزة رمد

- Cairo - Egypt

مهندس متخصص فى صيانة اجهزة الرمد خبرة 7 سنوات فى صيانة اجهزة(الاتوريف-المصباح الشقى-الميكروسكوبات-اجهزة فحص قاع العين المباشر والغير مباشر-الوحدات الرمدية-الشارت بروجكتور-ترابيزات العمليات)

Category: Medical Instruments


Cantt - Pakistan

We are manufacturer all kinds of surgical,medical,dentis,hollow ware,surgery instruments and we offer Customization instruments development.All instruments is high quality and manufacturer rates.For more info please visit url: medical-tools.Com email:[email protected]

Category: Medical Instruments


- Giza - Egypt

خبراءسماعات الاذن لضعاف السمع مخفية وخارجية ديجيتال اختار ما يناسبك بالضبط ووفر التكاليف الزائدة نضمن ونصون جودة عالية وضمان دولى تمتع بخدماتنا المجانية الجديدة نزيل عنك الحرج وناخذ بصمة الاذن بالمنزل مجانا لكبار السن والمعاقين والمرضى ولجميع العملاء -بطاريات سماعات مجانا - قوالب خصم فورى تجربة كمبيوتر بالشركة مجانا اتصل بنا فورا نصل اليك القاهرة ومحافظات مصر او شرفنا بالزيارة بشركتنا بالدقى – جيزة 0199153507 – 0110898208 لدينا خدمة بيع المنتجات الاتية وتوصليها للمسن مجانا (مراتب قرحة الفراش 320ج- كراسى الاعاقة 565ج- كراسى المساج235ج- حمام السونا المنزلى 595 سعر جملة وتوصيل نفس اليوم - والخدمة المجانية على ايدى متخصصون فى تركيب السماعات الطبية لضعاف السمع وعمل البصمة والقالب مجانا واجراء كشف سمع خدمة مجانية وسماعات بسعر الجملة 1350ج امريكى بضمان الوكيل بمصر ويمكن اجراء عمل السماعات بالشركة لدينا بالدقى - محى الدين ابو العز- موقع الشركة على الانترنت بمصر وارقام الهواتف - 0199153507 – 0110898208

Category: Medical Instruments

Babar Ali Khokhar

Sialkot - Pakistan

Dear Sir/Madam, We Khokhar International certified ISO-9001-2000 and CE Mark cGMP would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves. We have a reputed tradition of manufacturing and exporting comprehensive range of DENTAL INSTRUMENTS, SURGICAL INSTRUMENTS,VETENARY INSTRUMENTS, ORTHODONTIC PLIERS AND MANICURE PEDICURE IMPLEMENTS ALL SORTS- Our main aim is to develop the high quality products and to provide the best possible service to our valued clients in a cost effective way. We have head office at Moscow (Russia) and we have experience of european market. We have our own registered trade mark "BRAUCH". Our factory is well equipped with highly skilled craftsmen, who put their best effort to produce the high quality products under the supervision of technical staff that monitors the production at every stage until it is finalized for dispatch. The basic motto is customer's satisfaction with service and quality of products. Being leading manufacturers and confidant that our first transaction will be attract you for further large requirements. Hope that you will be consider sincerely about our good business opportunity to establishment for long terms business dealing with each other, for further kindly check our web site: Awaiting for your good quick response in this regards, remains. With best regards, Babar Ali Khokhar General Director Sialkot-Pakistan.

Category: Medical Instruments

Imran Ahmed

Sialkot - Pakistan

Dear Sir/Madam, Since it's formation in 1980 Long Stone International Co., has provided hundred of organizations with a prompt, constructive and affordable services with regard to Manicure and Pedicure instruments & Scissors of all sorts in a very sophisticated manner. For global customer satisfaction, we have achieved the landmark of Quality Standard such as ISO 9001:2008 and are fulfilling all the requirements of ITC/MD/341 to mark CE on the products. In view of the above, pleas visit our web site and please don't hesitate to write us by return E-mail / Fax if we could be any assistance to you. Faithfully yours Imran Ahmed Partner - LONG STONE INTERNATIONAL CO., P.O. BOX 747, NEW MIANA PURA EAST, RORAS ROAD, SIALKOT- 51310, PAKISTAN. TEL: 0092-52-3560135 FAX: 0092-52-3563647 Web site: Email: [email protected]

Category: Medical Instruments

Orthopedic Instruments

sialkot - Pakistan

Orthopedic Instruments Basic Orthopedic instruments Set Small Fragment Orthopedic instruments Set Mini Orthopedic instruments Set DHS/DCS Orthopedic instruments Set Wire Orthopedic instruments Set Austin Moore Orthopedic instruments Set General orthopedic instruments Set Spine orthopedic instruments ETC

Category: Medical Instruments


- Pakistan

We are manufacturer and exporters of SURGICAL INSTRUMENTS since many years. and exporters of SURGICAL INSTRUMENTS since many years. We take this notice that you are the IMPORTER and BUYER of SURGICAL INSTRUMENTS. Our Company certified by ISO & CE MARK. Here under the list of our main line SURGICAL INSTRUMENTS. BONE HOLDING FORCEPS & DRILLS RETRACTORS OF ALL TYPES MOSQUITO FORCEPS CRILE & KELLY FORCEPS BIOPSY PUNCH FORCEPS MAYO HEGAR NEEDLE HOLDERS MATHIEU NEEDLE HOLDERS EYE INSTRUMENTS DISSECTING FORCEPS DISSECTING KITS OF 13 PIECES SCALPEL HANDLES SCISSORS OF ALL KINDS HOLLOWARE INSTRUMENTS LARYNGOSCOPES OTOSCOPES & DIAGNOSTIC SETS SPECULUMS OF ALL KINDS and many other Surgical instruments. Please try to send us your requirements for check our prices and then send us your trial order. waiting your reply with your comments. with best regards. MALIK SHAHID SALEEM

Category: Medical Instruments

RJR Beauty Ind

sialkot - Pakistan

BEAUTY INSTRUMENT Top Quality Stainless Steel . We are manufacturer and Exporter all kind of Beauty care Implements, such as: all kind of beauty Kits / Nail Scissors / Embroidery Scissor / Fancy Scissor / Nail Cutters, (Cuticle Nail nipper) / ( Tailor Scissor , Dog Nail Clipper, Eyebrow Tweezers ,Pushers Rainbow Barber Scissor & Edge T.C& Titanium Scissors etc.

Category: Medical Instruments

Vertex International

Sialkot - Pakistan

Surgical / Dental and Veterinary Instruments

Category: Medical Instruments

EdanDirect.Com (Raine Industries, Inc.)

- California - United States

Edan Direct is an E-Commerce website dedicated completely to Edan Sonotrax Fetal Dopplers and Edan Cadance Fetal Monitors. Our mission is to provide you with the best equipment and service at the lowest possible price. Call or shop online. We are here to help. Visit now!

Category: Medical Instruments

Usman Younas

Sialkot - Pakistan

We are manufacturers and exporters of quality Dental, Surgical and Beauty Care instruments. Virco International warmly welcome to the importers and wholesalers from all around the world who intend to import quality instruments. We assure you of our better service with reasonable rates. Please visit our web site for further information about the entire range of our products.

Category: Medical Instruments

Dr Robin gill

sialkot - Pakistan

We are manufacturers and exporters of prime quality Surgical, Dental, Beauty care & Cosmetic Dentistry and all sorts of Scissors. We are producing these instruments from best quality Japanese stainless steel under Germany technology Rgd/ Dr. Robin Gill G.M M/S. SATINSKY ENTERPRISES Sialkot, Pakistan.

Category: Medical Instruments

Shuaib Mubasher

Sialkot - Pakistan

We feel pleasure in introducing you as one of the leading Manufacturer & Exporters of high quality Lipo Suction Cannulas, Surgical, Medical Instruments, Heamostatic Forceps, Needle Holders, Scissors, Retractors, Scalple Handles, Tissue Forceps, Bone Rongeur, Raspatory, Biopsy Forceps, Punch Forceps, Arthroscopy Forceps, Electro Surgical Instruments, Fiber Optic Laryngoscopes, Nasal & Viginal Speculum, Oto-Rhino-Laryngology Instruments, Kleinsasser Laryngeal instruments, ENT Instruments, RECTAL INSTRUMENTS, Dental Instruments, Neuro Surgery Instruments, Cardio-vascular Instruments, Orthopaedic & Plastic Surgery products, T.C. Instruments, Suction Tubes, Atrauma Forceps, Proctoscopes, Nasal Cutting Forceps, Micro Ear Forceps, Laryngeal Polypus Forceps, Instestinal Clamps, Nail Cutters, Gynaecology & Obstetrics Instruments, Wire Cutting Forceps, Bone Holding & Bone Cutting Forceps, Bone Curettes, Tracheal Cannulas made of German Silver and etc. using prime quality stainless steel. We have in this trade line for the last 3 decades and did learn too much about quality from our worthy customers. Let us strongly assure you, if given us a chance, we will try our utmost to provide you best quality products as per your specification & expectations. Your satisfaction is a great pride & pleasure for us. Please visit our website and you can select the instruments of your choice and inform us accordingly. Kindly send us your requirement so that we could send you our prices for your kind perusal and approval.

Category: Medical Instruments

Steelville Manufacturing Co

- Missouri - United States

Manufactures aircraft & transportation component parts; medical instrumentation component parts; machine shop: CNC machining & metal fabricating

Category: Medical Instruments

UDT Sensors Inc

- California - United States

Manufactures silicon photo detectors, instruments, hybrids & optoelectronic equipment; contract manufacturing of electronic printed circuit boards

Category: Medical Instruments

TVJ Electroforming Co

- Illinois - United States

Manufactures electroforming for micro structures: reflectors, reaction columns, works of art, jewelry, medical products, aerospace components & molds

Category: Medical Instruments

Alcon Laboratories, Inc.

- Texas - United States

Ophthalmic drugs, surgical instruments, cauteries, cryo extractors, needles & sutures for micro surgery, disposable drapes, etc.

Category: Medical Instruments

AeroMed Inc

- Pennsylvania - United States

Machine shop: manufactures medical devices, swiss screw machine products, precision & CNC machining, drilling, honing, lathe & mill work

Category: Medical Instruments

Optimum Technologies Inc

- Massachusetts - United States

Contract engineering: optical, medical & surgical instruments, custom test & assembly equipment & research & product development

Category: Medical Instruments

Arlington Precision Mch Works

- Tennessee - United States

Machine shop: tool & die, custom metal fabricating, race car parts & medical equipment design & prototypes, machinery repair

Category: Medical Instruments

Omron Healthcare Inc

- Illinois - United States

Manufactures electronic blood pressure units, health & baby care products, manual & battery operated breast pumps & digital thermometers

Category: Medical Instruments

Sensidyne Inc

- Florida - United States

Manufactures toxic & combustible gas detection systems, tubes & pumps & medical equipment: oxygen monitors & pulse oximeter sensors

Category: Medical Instruments

Minntech Corp

- Minnesota - United States

Manufactures cardiovascular, kidney dialysis & filtration medical equipment, industrial filtration equipment & endoscope washers

Category: Medical Instruments

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