Acne is a common skin disorder has a profound effect on mental health, perhaps it is because we are more concerned with the beauty and skin looking bright and shiny and smooth texture.

   Several studies show that young people are more concerned about their beauty to attract people. Suicide attempts to rid yourself from acne are very rare and can cause a serious inferiority complex, shame, mistrust, anger, and a serious psychological disorder. People who have used synthetic drugs that act directly on the endocrine system are more likely to commit suicide.
   Study carried out by Peter Watson, University of Auckland, and published in the Journal of Pediatrics and Child Health, reveals that 34% of people who suffer from acne think about suicide and 13% of them commit suicide to try to be free from acne. Adolescents are more likely try to commit suicide, because when they enter their teenage years, acne strikes hard in his life miserably, that perhaps they could not imagine.

Suicidal agreements:
   The term refers to himself dead with others at the same time, which occurs when students and people to exchange views on acne, its severity, possible causes and survive with acne. Since they are more excited and can not imagine living with acne, which can make agreements to commit suicide attempts at the same time (with friends).

What causes acne suicidal attempts?
   Negative thinking is the leading cause of acne suicidal attempts. The negatives ideas may include: there is no medicine and herbal medications that can treat acne in my case, I have the worst acne that occur rarely in other people. Other reasons may include economic issues, lack of access to drugs and medicines, the lack of real knowledge and information about acne, and the names can be found in public places, and constantly faced people with their harsh comments at the face, etc.

Psychological interpretations of acne Suicidal Companies:
   Attempted suicide is not a disease itself, but is the result of other psychological disorders such as schizophrenia, sadness, anxiety, self-neglect, disturbed sleep, insomnia, etc. These disorders cause changes in mood or permanent punctual and can lead to suicide attempts.

   And subsequent breakouts make a big change in mood and prevent a person from participating in social events. If this situation becomes severe, it can lead to suicide attempts to be free of acne.

Ventilation of thoughts of suicide because of the subsequent breakouts Companies:
   Participate in social events, as no matter how critical the situation may be, and make visits to the doctor. Suggest yourself, there is nothing in the world, which remains unsolved. Completely curable if treated in an effective acne. Avoid the use of synthetic drugs to treat acne, because it may further accelerate the risk of suicide. Use of herbal products, because they are safe and effective.

About Author:
Alice has been an expert in skin health. Her work has been published on various websites and magazines and provides insightful advice for natural acne treatment and acne remediesskin regimes.

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