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   New Alternative Treatments & Good Nutrition Help Mesothelioma Patients.

   Individuals who are affected by asbestos-related illnesses such as mesothelioma and asbestosis are not only limited to conventional treatments such as symptom relief medications and surgery.

   Many alternative treatment options and immune boosting methods cannot cure a disease, but can assist patients in living a more comfortable life by providing pain and stress relief. These types of treatment options cannot cure asbestos-related illnesses, but can certainly help patients live more comfortably by providing relief from pain and stress.

   Living a healthy lifestyle by achieving good nutrition, consistent exercise and eating organic foods can be helpful for patients fighting the disease and the side effects of treatment.

   Alternative methods such as acupuncture, meditation, vitamin supplements, yoga and aroma therapy can significantly boost an patient’s immune system, morale and aid.

   Many asbestos-related illnesses can take anywhere from 20 to 50 years to develop and this is the type of problem that poses several dilemmas for physicians. Many ordinary citizens, military veterans, firefighters and construction workers have developed related illnesses as a result of their asbestos exposure.

   Mesothelioma is cancer of the mesothelium - the thin layer of tissue that lines the area around the heart, the chest cavity, and the abdominal cavity, as well as the outer surface of most of the organs. The only known cause of this type of cancer is exposure to asbestos – a naturally occurring mineral that was used extensively throughout the 20th century. Diagnosis of mesothelioma is difficult due to symptoms mimicking other, less serious conditions.

   The body cannot effectively fight cancer without the right balance of nutrients. In addition, malnutrition causes the body to be vulnerable to infection. Many cancer patients do not pass away from the cancer itself, but rather a medical condition stemming from the body’s weakened condition.

   Eating a well balanced diet is vital in preventing cancers and other health problems. Medical experts suggest eating simple organic foods; avoid junk foods; fried foods and make sure to eat the recommended servings of fruits and vegetables every day.

   Dark green leafy vegetables are packed with necessary vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that provide important cancer-fighting benefits. Beta-carotene, Lutein, and Zeaxanthin are powerful antioxidants that help protect the body against all forms of cancer by destroying free radicals. Dark leafy green vegetables also contain folate which is essential for the proper repair and replication of DNA. Without folate, damaged cells would be unable to repair their own DNA.

   Although mesothelioma is not a cancer that is related to poor nutrition, improving nutritional intake can help mesothelioma cancer patients fight the progressive disease. www.asbestos.com

Article By: Allan Marrero

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